Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3:1 "29 Great Things about Libby"

We've had a long hiatus. It was a super busy summer, and has been a very busy fall so far. We'll recap on those months soon, but I thought today would be a good day to kick off Season 3 with a post dedicated to Libby, who is celebrating her 29th Birthday today. So here are 29 Great Things about Libby:
(feel free to add some more in the comments section)

1) She is the most wonderful baby sister a big sister could ask for.
From July2010

2) She doesn't hold a grudge, I truly envy her capacity for forgiveness.
3) When we lived together in college, she always did the dishes. And sometimes when she comes to visit, she does my dishes.
4) She's recently found her crafty side, doing things like making cherry pit heating pads for the family and re-upholstering Maddi's Dresser.
From dresser + others

5) She is dedicated: to her family, her church, her friends, and of course, General Hospital.
6) Speaking of GH, Libby was born on Luke and Laura's wedding day.
7) She makes great coffee (just don't ask her to make Mocha Bread Pudding in the Crock pot)
8) She went through several movie obsessions, resulting in the whole family knowing them all by heart: Wizard of Oz, Speed, Ransom and Face-Off come to mind, but I know there were many others.
9) She's a good at games, she usually beats me at Catan and she got me to say "leechasaurus" in a rousing game of Catch Phrase
10) She is a great caregiver to sick family and friends.
11) She has good fashion sense, but gives me minimal grief for my lacking any.
12) Maddi
13) Logan
From 80 Degrees in October

14) Ryan
15) She can walk in high heels.
16) She's easily cheered up by Oreos.
17) She loves a good deal, and she's good at finding them.
18) She's great with technology - if you want your DVD player or new phone hooked up, ask Libby.
19) She's great at staying on task, and keeping others going as well.
20) She makes math jokes, like once I said that a dish might yummy with mushrooms in it, she grimaced, but then said, "Okay, next time I'll make it with 10% more mushrooms" hahaha
21) When it really counts, she's an excellent secret keeper.
22) She has never run over a mailbox or driven into Mom's garage door.
23) She got me hooked on Buffy.
24) From Xander: She has a cool thing to build a car with at her house.
25) From Noah: Logan wears a black shirt with a car on it that was mine when I was 2, and pwobably Auntie Libby has a cool black shirt, too.
26) She makes hot cocoa mix from scratch, and it is DELICIOUS.
27) When we were young, she always let me be the teacher when we played school, as long as she could be a baby unicorn.
28) She got confirmed last year and she really inspires me and many others with her faith.
29) When Libby came home from the hospital, my mom gave her to me to hold, and I said "Thank you". 29 years later I am still so thankful to my mom and to God for giving me my Libby. I love you!
From Meghan and Fair

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This is the Season Finale! We're gonna re-vamp a little, get a new look, and hopefully get on a more consistent schedule for season 3. But for now, we'll wind up with a little picture story of Sera's baptism party; titled, "5 Outfits in One Day"

From May2010

A pre-party ice cream cake celebration for Nana's birthday. Sera loves this shirt, it's an Old Navy vintage-inspired Peanuts shirt. Sera calls it "bawoons shirt". We all enjoyed the cake, and then Sera needed an outfit change.

From May2010

This outfit lasted most of the party. I really don't like plaid very much, but this is a bigger print, and it has a matching hat - so sweet. We played outside...
From May2010

From May2010

and opened presents
From May2010

then we headed off to church
From May2010

I don't have any pictures of the actual baptism, I forgot to hand my camera off, but I know everyone else was snapping away! Sera was a little worn out from the long day, but she was pretty good. And she looked so beautiful in the dress Grandma made! After the Mass, we headed back to our house for more fun!
From May2010

From May2010

and of course another outfit change
From May2010

Then we had round 2 of desserts, which included these lovely cheesecakes made by Aunt Margaret
From May2010

and then yet another outfit change, followed by one last round of photos
From May2010

From May2010

It was a great family celebration day! Check back soon for the Season 3 premiere!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Ok so things have been crazy – Logan is FULL on 2 getting into everything – last week we left him alone for 2 minutes in which time he got a hold of a knife and cut his finger, lucky for us God was watching and it seems to be healing just fine – thank goodness since Ryan and I were both too embarrassed to take him to the doctor. This was only hours after he had gotten into the fridge and cracked an entire dozen eggs on to my kitchen floor – again it could have been worse but it wasn’t – I think that God is trying to tell me something – BUY DUCT TAPE !!
This morning Maddi woke up not feeling 100% and since we had a long weekend with dad out of town and “too much to do” I let her stay home. We had a pretty laid back day – which can be not good considering I now have two kids totally full on energy and its 3 o’clock in the afternoon. So in an effort to get them out of the house I decided to take a bike ride to the Best Buy to get a new charger for my phone which had died about an hour before. So I loaded the kids into the Burley, since Maddilyn informed me that since she was too sick to go to school she was for sure too sick to ride her own bike. However being too sick did not stop her from having FruitLoops for breakfast, and watching Winx Club instead of taking a nap. I got about half way there when I realized that my front tire must have a leak, since I had just filled up and it was again low. I stopped at the gas station to fill it up, and I push the little thing down on the little thing on my wheel when I realized that the station was out of air and now so was my tire. CRAP! So while channeling my inner “hot babe” I strolled into the station batted my eyes and asked for help, thank goodness I had changed out of my baggy t-shirt and into a tank top before leaving the house. Two guys came out to help “helpless me” when one of them said “this is an OLD huffy, I used to steal these was I was a teenager!” Thanks dude since I wasn’t already feeling old! He worked some magic and filled my tire and I was on my way. I made it to Best Buy got my charger and a few snacks for the kids and headed back to the house. Feeling like crap, trying my hardest not to flag down a cab, I pushed on, I was about half way back when a man in a red Jeep honked and shouted “you’re hot” out his window, now since my husband is 500 miles away in Chicago I knew it wasn’t him, I wasn’t sure if I should be flattered or disgusted. I guess a little part of me – who am I kidding a huge part of me, was flattered, after all I was drenched in my own sweat pulling 70 lbs of my own flesh and blood behind me (no not my butt- my kids) and he still thought I was hot!!
I guess the moral of the story is even though it’s old, and has a little flat tire, doesn’t mean it’s not HOT!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Just got off the phone with Libby. We haven't really talked since A WEEK AGO! The Kaspers left last Friday for a big trip to Disney World, and got back yesterday afternoon. She did call me twice while she was away - both times when she had gone back to the hotel room to let Logan nap, but those were quick calls.

M: Is it totally awesome?
L: It's totally awesome!
M: Remember to put sunscreen on you and the kids!
L: Okay, love you bye!

I could hear her rolling her eyes - that usually doesn't make any noise, but big sisters have special hearing. It allows us to hear the true story, under the exciting embellishments. And we can hear a silent plea to not scold our baby sister for playing volleyball less than a month after getting a nose job. Not that I'd have any experience with those things...

So the very first thing I said to Libby, after not talking for a week was very important.

M: Oh my gosh! I have to tell you about my battery searching adventures!
and with genuine enthusiasm, Libby asked me to tell my stories.

So the boys got remote control cars for Christmas from Nana. I'm really pleased with the ones we picked out, they're VERY durable - perfect for our rough and tumble boys.

We took them outside the other day, but we hadn't put rechargeable batteries in them at Christmas, and 4 months later, the alkalines were pretty kaput. I went inside to rummage for some batteries. We've been trying to make the switch to only rechargeables, but as soon as we buy more, they're in something - I need a better system. But at this moment I was simply searching for any AA I could scrounge up.

I looked by my charging station, and found 2, but I needed 12. I looked in all 3 junk drawers. I looked in the toy boxes. In desperation, I looked in my nightstand drawer. I pulled it all the way out, just to be sure and VOILA!

From Apr2010

From Apr2010

Nope, not batteries, but pretty exciting, because this is pricey stuff, and I knew my mom had bought us a fresh container at Christmas time, but when we unpacked in January, it was nowhere to be found. Woohoo!

Eventually, I found enough batteries to re-power one car, and the boys were content to share - one driving and the other building ramps and other obstacles.

From Apr2010

From Apr2010

Alas, this might have been the end of the Battery Adventures, but behold, nye! That very eve whilst my betroved and I prepared our marriage bed for slumber...

We could not find one of the batteries to the DVD player remote. None of our remotes have backs on them. It's the gnomes, the ones who hid the salve, the 'other' sock and everything else that disappears. So I got down on my side of the bed to see if it fell under there... and VOILA!

From Apr2010

Nope, again, not the battery. But another long lost object. When Logan and Maddi stayed with us 2 months ago, this sippy cup disappeared within hours of their arrival. We searched high and low. We cleaned like crazy, because we had the boys' birthday party that weekend. And just last week Libby and I decided that it must have made it's way into the diaper champ and been thrown out - because we just couldn't stand the thought of thinking about it being in one of our homes, curing the funkiest cheese ever.

From Apr2010

Who knows if this is the end of the Battery Adventures? Somehow, I feel the saga will continue...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Wow the last few weeks have been awesome, the Twin Cities weather has been amazing, we had the first March in history with NO snow! Bring it on global warming. In the last weeks, Logan turned 2, we have gone to the zoo twice, we have rediscovered all the local parks, and are leaving for Disney World in about 40 hours. So I have been focused on preparing my house for vacation, because you see, I can't go on vacation without making sure my house is clean first. Making sure all the laundry is done- and for some reason put away, does it really make sence that I spend an hour a day putting clothes in drawers and in the closets, only to take them out tomorrow when I am packing?

Today Maddi got a few suprises, she got a package in the mail from Grandma Penny, with excatly what she requested less then a week ago. Barbie's potty training puppies, that's right, puppies that pee after you fill them with water. Maddi also told grandma that she wanted a "purple dress with flowers" and of course grandma delivered, you see one of the things Maddi got from me was the abillity to dream up something in her head and then it appears as if God put it there.

Maddi's other surprize was 2 disney princess dresses, sent directly from the princesses themselves. Each with an attached note that she is to wear them when she comes to visit them. I have been dreaming of taking Maddi to Disney World since she was born (maybe even before) and now it's happening, everything I ever wanted in this vacation is coming true, it is truly going to be magical. (Thanks Ryan you're the best).

Well I must get back to the vacation prep! I will blog with TONS of pics when I get back!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Friday! Finally! This week has been tough on both of us. For me, we just had a rough time getting back into a routine after being gone the whole week before Easter. We had a blast while we were gone; a family wedding, visiting with old friends, spending time at Grandma and Nana's, celebrating my brother-in-law's, Greg, confirmation and wrapping it all up with a great Easter party at my mom's.

From Apr2010

From Apr2010

We got home late Sunday night and we've all been a bit out of sorts ever since. Dan's had to work late several nights this week and when I parent solo, my patience gets used up quickly. Add in the Easter candy consumption and mostly cold, rainy weather and you've got a house full of basket-cases. And baskets, because I still haven't put the Easter paraphernalia away. Even though I keep tripping over all of it.

From Apr2010

From Apr2010

Libby's week was rough because it was spring break and Maddi was home from school. Not that she doesn't enjoy extra time with her daughter, but when the routine is disturbed, it just makes things harder.

But now it is Friday!! And it is sunny and warmer. We played outside. We talked about Libby's Disney trip being only 1 week away! We looked at pictures from last weekend and smiled. (New albums on the left for both of us). And I won a book giveaway from becomingsarah - a great blog I read. I don't know Sarah in real life, but I share parenting ideals with her and she promotes childhood literacy and she posts amazing pictures of her ADORABLE baby girl, Charlotte. Oh, adorable, reminds me, the Easter bunny brought Sera a TUTU!

From Apr2010

Speaking of adorable babies... another blog friend, Lori, who I do know in real life, is walking for a fundraiser for the March of Dimes this weekend. Lori is married to Aaron, who was a classmate of Dan's at Yale. Almost one year ago, Lori went into labor with their first son at only 35 weeks. Thankfully, Porter was born healthy and didn't need to spend time in the NICU, but not all babies born too soon are so lucky. They've met and raised their goal several times and would love to reach their new goal of $2000. Every little bit helps, so please, donate if you can.

We're all in this boat together!
From Apr2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I'm overdue for a post, I know. I've just been struggling for a topic, but then a few days ago I realized I had a bunch of pictures from when Maddi and Logan stayed with us, and a few other fun random photos, so I thought to myself, "Hey, I could do a Picture Post" and then immediately I got the "Picture Page" theme song in my head, and it has been stuck there ever since.

Do you remember that segment on Nickelodeon? with Dr. Huxtable? I mean, Bill Cosby.

There, now you have it stuck in your head too, now I'm not alone. But to compensate, here is the Picture Post!

From Mar2010

Time to grab your crayons and your pencils:
(or scissors, glue and magnadoodles)

From Mar2010

From Mar2010

Birthday Day at the Nitty Gritty Birthday Bar in Madison

From Mar2010

From Mar2010

Sera in a poncho that was Maddi's. A mini-poncho - how adorable is that!? And pants knitted by Auntie Steph? too too cute!

From Mar2010

We've been making cookies every other week. In unrelated news, I gave up candy for Lent.

From Mar2010

St. Patrick's Day.

From Mar2010

So now I've done a picture post with you!